How To Style Apartments Catonsville Maryland To Fit Your Personality!


One of the biggest pitfalls of apartment hunting is getting hung up on style. You may see that apartments Catonsville Maryland have a decent layout but the fixtures and amenities are rather dated. If you head out on your hunt with a negative attitude towards the pre-existing style of the space, you could sell yourself short! An apartment is only as stylish as you’re clever with your decorating. In the end, it comes down to making a few concessions that may open up an opportunity for styling a space to your liking!

Discuss Painting With Your Landlord

Not all landlords are amenable to your painting your walls a different color, but it never hurts to ask before signing the lease! Usually, lighter colors are seen as acceptable as long as you do a professional finish. Make sure that if your landlord agrees that you receive permission in writing. This will prevent any misunderstandings when you choose to move out.

Style Your Floors

You can’t change out the flooring in your new apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t style them! Throw rugs, area rugs and runners can infuse a drab space with plenty of personality and protect your floors against spills or damage. Choose patterns that pair well with your furnishings and accessories. If your apartment is on the compact side, enhance the illusion of space by choosing light colors and simple patterns.

Don’t Forget The Window Dressings!

You can make a truly dramatic statement when you customize your window treatments. Even if your apartments Catonsville Maryland come with existing blinds, layering drapes on top can make your new home stylish. Plus, window treatments offer the added benefit of filtering light and lowering your heating and cooling energy bills.

Get Creative With Your Blank Walls!

Your landlord may not allow you to paint your walls a different color, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate to your heart’s content. Think of your walls as a completely blank canvas where you can take the mundane and turn it into something extraordinary! Your favorite artwork, vintage wall hangings or personal photographs can go a long way in making your space unique. For small apartments, adding one large piece of artwork can offer great contrast and trick the eye into thinking there’s more space.

Help Your Creativity With Online Tutorials

Everyone is creative in their own way, but if you truly don’t know what you can do with your space, spend time reading blogs and watch videos on how to do DIY projects. The more you learn about interior design, the easier it becomes to add personality to a space that’s not entirely your own.

It is very much possible to infuse your own personal tastes into your apartment. The flooring and the walls may be a given, but you don’t have to let that hinder your creativity! Smart accessories and modern area rugs all go a long way into creating a space that works for your needs. When in doubt, check online for inspiration!